Distracted by your hectic schedule?

It's then time to switch off your racing thoughts and re-establish a spiritual connection with nature.

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm, which is located in Pontian Johor, has a lot of cute animals and environmentally friendly activities that let you get closer to the natural world.
The farm is ideal for a quick weekend escape from Singapore because all you can do there is unwind and de-stress.

Look at this amazing opportunity.

You will definitely like the flavor of an eco-friendly farm visit.

1. Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm, tucked away in a charming farm setting, offers us all a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, get up close and personal with a variety of species, and discover more about the native tropical plants.

They create a variety of enjoyable activities that serve both educational and restorative goals. These recreational pursuits not only reduce stress levels but also strengthen the bonds between friends, family, and coworkers.

Numerous elementary classes have visited the farm on day trips thus far. The environment here is very popular among students. They learn, enjoy themselves, and most importantly, pick up knowledge that goes beyond what a textbook can provide.

After all, a visit to Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm, even for a single day, is worthwhile and unforgettable. Deep down in your heart, the memories you two have shared will last forever.

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2. Attractions in Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm Pontian

2.1 Truck Tour

Taking the vehicle tour is the quickest method to familiarize yourself with the farm's surroundings after you arrive.

A tour guide will be present to answer any questions you may have about the farm. Get ready to take in fresh information!

Timetable of truck tour:

  • 10:30am
  • 11:30am
  • 12:30pm
  • 2:00pm
  • 3:00pm
  • 4:00pm
  • 5:00pm (last trip)

2.2 Mini Zoo

Children's favorite spot is the mini zoo. It is considered the farm's high point.

The zoo is fairly small, but it still has a lot of cute animals in it, such rabbits, hedgehogs, peacocks, ostriches, horses, goats, golden pheasants, swans, and deer.

2.3 Sweet Corn Farm

Seize the opportunity to learn about the planting and growing stages of sweet corn.

Following the staff's presentation, we are able to sample the farm's sweet corn. You can take pleasure in gathering sweet corn during harvest season!

2.4 Farm Fresh Pineapples

Thousands of pineapples in front of your eyes will captivate your attention.

The farm's fresh, perfect yellow pineapple is yet another delight! The tour guide is available to address any concerns you may have and provide additional information on the planting process.

2.5 Plantations of Oil Palm

Seize this fantastic opportunity to become knowledgeable about oil palm cultivation. You are aware that cultivating high-quality oil palms is difficult.

Taking care of the vast oil palm crop requires time and effort. Therefore, don't forget to recognize and honor employees' hard work.

2.6 Stone Crusher

The farm is committed to teaching us how to properly operate the stone mill, rather than just exhibiting the old machinery.

Doing is the best method to learn something. We hope you will give it a try after seeing the demonstration.

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3. Package for Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

At the moment, the farm offers two packages. They occasionally might release new packages. Pay attention.

3.1 Company / Kindergarten / School Package

Price: RM15 per person (at least 15 people)

Package includes:

  • Ride the Devil Lorry
  • Animal Feeding (deer, duck, rabbit)
  • Visit to goat farm
  • Visit to sweet corn farm
  • Visit to pineapple farm


3.2 Family Package


  • Adults: RM20
  • Children (below 90cm): RM18

Package includes:

  • Ticket of Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
  • Animal feeding (1 set/pax)
  • Truck ride tour
  • Visit to oil palm
  • Visit to goat farm
  • Goat feeding
  • Visit to mini vegetable farm
  • Tour guide

4. Bus To Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm From Singapore

There isn't a bus that travels from Singapore directly to Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm. On the other hand, you can go by bus from Singapore to Pontian Bus Terminal and then take a taxi to Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm from Pontian Bus Terminal.

Step 1: Bus from Singapore to Pontian Bus Terminal via CIQ Second Link

You may get the CW4 bus in Singapore's west, which travels via the CIQ Second Link.

Take Causeway Link Bus CW4 departing from Jurong East Bus Interchange.
Departure time: Every day from 7:30 p.m. to 7:20 p.m. (Roughly every two hours)

Bus fare: RM4.20 + SGD $4.00

** The above-mentioned time is merely an estimate and is based on traffic conditions and changes.

Step 2: Take Taxi From Pontian Bus Terminal to Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

Select a cab from the selection when you arrive at the Pontian Bus Terminal. Your ride will take you straight to Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm.

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Tips For Traveling To Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm:
  • After the tour, sample the seasonal fresh fruits and fresh goat milk. The farm is the one who produces it initially.
  • Pontian town is just a fifteen-minute drive away from the property. If you have more time, take some time to explore the lovely town.
  • Waze, a GPS application for smartphones, is quite useful if you drive yourself.
  • Make as many inquiries as you can of the tour guide. They have a lot to teach you.
  • You can make early arrangements for a group visit by getting in touch with the person in charge.
Address: Ptd 5577, Parit Lan, Kayu Ara Pasong, 82010 Pontian, Johor.
Contact: +6016–708 4860 / +6012-701 3755

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