Pulau Dayang lies 65km east of Johor's east coast and is the farthest island from the east Peninsular Malaysian mainland.

Active divers and sport fisherman know the island well because of its distinctive diving site and fishing location.

But even though the island has beautiful beaches and an amazing underwater life, it is generally less well-known.

With more lodging options and promotional packages available, Dayang Island in Malaysia has the potential to grow in popularity among tourists from outside the country.

1.Pulau Dayang

The remarkable marine life around Pulau Dayang and the other four little islands is what makes up the Aur Group, which is part of Johor's Marine Park. The second largest island in the group is Pulau Dayang.

Pulau Dayang has drawn sport fishermen from all over the world in search of a game fish since it is home to black marlin, the fastest fish in the world. There are excellent places to fish all throughout the island.

Primarily found by foreign visitors, particularly scuba divers, Pulau Dayang is a perfect training site for novice scuba divers. Divers can plainly see and explore the vibrant underwater environment thanks to the crystal-clear water.

Dayang Island (Pulau Dayang), Johor: Travel Guide (2024)

Snorkeling is made possible for people who don't dive by the stunning coral reefs offshore. Pulau Dayang is Malaysia's tropical paradise, complete with white sand beaches and a beautiful view of the ocean.

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2. Activities to do in Pulau Dayang

2.1 Catch Sunrise & Sunset At Pulau Dayang

Take along a binocular and spend the evening stargazing! When the weather is good, Pulau Dayang offers breathtaking views of the stars. The star patterns high in the sky will astound you.

Get up early to witness the jetty's sunrise. At the jetty, you may also take in the sunset in the evening.

2.2 Snorkelling At Pulau Dayang

If you're not a diver, try snorkeling in shallower waters. Alternatively, you might sunbathe and play beach volleyball at the beach.

2.3 Scuba-Diving at Pulau Dayang

The activities on Pulau Dayang that are not to be missed are scuba diving experiences. The island's surrounding diving spots are Dayang Tip, Captains Point, Telok Jawa, Rayners Rock, and Dayang Jetty. After diving, record your dives in your own dive logs so you will have memories to refer to later.

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3. Resort in Pulau Dayang

3.1 Dayang Blue Resort

Situated near the southern tip of the island, facing Pulau Aur, is Pulau Dayang's sole resort. Due to its exclusivity, Pulau Dayang has gained popularity among divers in addition to its reputation as the sole resort on the island. Dayang Blue Resort got its name because blue water envelops the resort.

Dayang Blue Resort can host up to 300 guests and offers cozy bungalows with views of the sophisticated beach. Since the rooms do not have individual restrooms, the resort offers more than twenty outdoor bathrooms. On request, an additional bed can be set up.

The restaurant on-site is situated not far from the front desk. It offers straightforward regional fare like nasi goreng and char kue tiaw. Vegetarians can have their requirements met by the eatery. You can enjoy BBQ at night.

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4. How To Get To Pulau Dayang

Mersing Jetty is the jetty that provides ferry service to Pulau Dayang. The ferry usually leaves on Friday night and takes about five hours to reach the island.

As an alternative, reserve a diving excursion through Singaporean or Malaysian dive businesses. The operator will set up your boat transfer.

Direct coach services to the jetty are now offered for less money. It takes about three hours to get from Singapore to Mersing Jetty.

Whether you're traveling from Malaysia or Singapore, renting a private vehicle will make your trip to Mersing Jetty easier and less stressful.

Take a look at the top Mersing activities if you intend to spend some time there.

Given that SGMYDRIVE's services are among the greatest in Singapore, you may want to consider them. Their driver will transport you from any pick-up location straight to the jetty. Make reservations for the Singapore to Mersing Jetty private vehicle service.

Travel Advice for Pulau Dayang
  • The boat ride is somewhat lengthy. When the sea is choppy, it takes longer.
  • Tanjung Leman Jetty does not provide as many boat transfers to Pulau Dayang as Mersing Jetty does.
  • When snorkeling, a life jacket is a necessity.
  • Diving trips throughout the weekend go between SGD $380 and SGD $480.

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