Have you seen too much gray in your life—bricks and cement from the flooring, walls, and ceiling? Why not unplug and relax in all of this natural green splendor, abounding in fresh air and wildlife?

There are many exciting forests and beaches to begin with, but the national parks make a naturalist's visit to Malaysia enjoyable.

The flora and fauna are among the most uncommon, and if you truly love nature, you should see them at least once in your lifetime, and you will want to return again and again.

If these beautiful beauties are your cup of tea, you will find a number of appealing spots, each with its own charm, including a significant number of beaches and islands that await you.

For those who enjoy nature, Taman Negara Malaysia has some of the most stunning areas waiting to be found.


5 Most Beautiful Malaysia National Parks

1. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park (Sabah)

Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAC) National Park is located off the coast of Sabah and has five islands: Pulau Sulug, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Mamutik, and Pulau Sapi. This marine national park is a popular tourist site located only a 15 to 20-minute boat trip from Kota Kinabalu.

Pulau Gaya is the largest of the islands, with magnificent beach resorts such as Gaya Island Resort, Gayana Eco Resort, and Bunga Raya Resort. This island is well-known for its famous Police Bay beach, which spans 400 metres of crystal-clear water.

Pulau Manukan, the second-largest island, is the most popular, with long expanses of lovely beaches and coral reefs perfect for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Pulau Mamutik (the smallest island) and Pulau Sapi are the other two islands ideal for snorkelers and scuba divers.

If you prefer a quieter setting, consider staying on Pulau Sulug, which is more secluded and underdeveloped. The island still boasts beautiful beaches, although they are less populated and have fewer facilities than neighboring islands.

Aside from diving and snorkeling, you may also go kayaking, BBQing, sailing, and do other water sports. While traveling through the jungle, you may come across intriguing wildlife such as monkeys, wild boar, several snake species, hornbills, and monitor lizards. 

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2. Niah National Park (Sarawak)

Located in Miri, Sarawak, the site is claimed to have unearthed the cave's earliest human bones, showing that humans lived there at least 40,000 years ago!

Niah National Park is also known for its largest cave entrance, which is quite breathtaking, as well as Iban adventures, forest hikes, swiftlets, bats, and cave paintings.

There are three caves to explore, and they are so huge that you will need to stay overnight at their hostel or chalets to properly appreciate the incredible site.

The Great Cave is where you can witness residents collecting birds' nests high in the cave walls, which were created by swiftlets. Explore an unlit Moon Cave to see the magnificent rocks and their weathering effects. Finally, examine the drawings of human figures on the wall and the other artifacts in Painted Cave.

Best of all, at the evening sunset, you may witness the 'changing of guards', when hundreds of swiftlets return to the cave to rest while bats fly out into the forest to feed.

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3. Gunung Mulu National Park (Sarawak)

Mulu National Park, located in Sarawak, is a protected rainforest noted for its thrilling caverns and peaks. Adrenaline climbers can trek the summit and go on caving adventures, as well as retreat to the natural tranquility of the jungle.

It was designated as Malaysia's first World Heritage Area in 2000, and it is famed for having the world's longest cave (Clearwater Cave) and the largest cave corridor (Deer Cave) in Southeast Asia.

The park's major attractions are the show caverns. As you make your way to the caverns, you will be treated to stunning views of natural mineral formations, bats, swiftlets, rock corals, and unique beauty.

For a more fantastic view of the caves, there are a number of sites suitable for the adventurous that wants to do caving trips.  Here are the 4 exciting sites to explore;
  • Lagang Cave
  • Racer Cave
  • Clearwater Connection
  • Sarawak Chamber

Dive into nature's delights as you stroll on the 480-meter-long "Mulu Canopy Skywalk" tree-based canopy. Walk among the vines and ferns to get a closer look at rainforest life, and visit their partially hidden Tree Top Tower to see birds.

The park's ecosystem supports thousands of ferns, blooming plants, orchids, animals, insects, snakes, and even fish. The park is home to a diverse range of vegetation and fauna, with many species remaining undiscovered to humans.

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4. Taman Negara National Park (Pahang)

In 1939, the Taman Negara was found in Malaysia's Titiwasngsa Mountains. Originally, it was known as King George V National Park. It covers an area of 1,677 square miles and is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia.

The tropical rainforest here is estimated to be 130 million years old. The Malayan Tiger, crab-eating macaque, and Asian elephant are among the unusual species found here.

It is thought to be the location where the Malaysian mahseer is protected in its natural habitat. However, visiting the park requires a permit from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Getting to the park was never difficult, especially if you were in Singapore. Trains connect the national park to Singapore, stopping at Kuala Tembeling station.

This is a short walk from the park. The most popular way to enter the park is through Jerantut, Pahang. This is where a taxi service will transport you to Kuala Tembeling Jetty.

One may choose to travel by rail, bus, or airline between the two countries, or you could drive to your destination.

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5. Penang National Park

Penang National Park, a natural rainforest, is the world's smallest national park. Penang island has only a few natural forests, and this is one of them.

The park is home to various unique species that live in an ecosystem of hills, beaches, rivers, and forests. The Malaysian government has made substantial contributions to its protection and conservation since the National Act of 1980.

For nature lovers, the island is home to a plethora of species, including Green turtles, Ridley turtles, Leatherback turtles, and Hawksbill turtles. Several more reptile, bird, and amphibian species live on the island.

There are various mammals, including flying lemurs, slow loris, tree shrews, sea otters, pangolins, and civet cats. And don't get thrilled if a snake crosses your way while on the island. All snakes are not poisonous.

For those who enjoy using the water system, there are always boats available to transport you to Kuala Sungai Pinang within the park.


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